About the Owner

Kirsten Delpinal, Owner of Creative Eye Designs

Kirsten Delpinal

Owner of Creative Eye Designs

Hi! I’m Kirsten, a graphic designer born and raised in Akron, Ohio. I have over 10 years of experience in graphic design. I specialize in creating logos and full branding packages, marketing materials, basic websites, and event design packages.

About Creative Eye Designs

How It Started

I started Creative Eye Designs in September 2018 with the goal in mind that I would someday be fully self-employed. At the beginning, I had my sights set on designing wedding and event invitations and signage.

But what I’ve always loved about graphic design is that it is needed in every industry in some capacity. At its core, it’s really just about using visual methods to solve problems in communication. With that, I decided that I wanted to expand my services so that I could use my creative eye to help people with all kinds of graphic challenges.

How It’s Going

As of May 2022, I am living my dream of being fully self-employed at Creative Eye Designs! Being able to use my creative expertise to help others is what drives me every day. In the same week, I can be helping a new small business design a logo, helping a non-profit create infographics to get the word out about their purpose, and helping an established business re-design their website.

About Creative Services

I specialize in creating branding kits, marketing materials, basic websites, and complete event design packages, as well as photography and illustration, but I’m always open to any graphic challenge that comes my way. All in all, I’m a creator at heart and I’d love to help bring your creative visions to life!

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