Lake Erie License Plate Logo

Branding, Illustration

I worked with the Ohio Lake Erie Commission to design a license plate logo to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the commission. The purchase of the plate goes directly towards the Lake Erie Protection and Restoration Fund. Their previous designs were drawings of some of Lake Erie’s most notable lighthouses. Our goal for this new design was to create a more modern digital illustration that would appeal both to people aiming to support Lake Erie with their purchase and people browsing the plate library looking for a beautiful addition to their custom plate.

We explored many different concepts for this design, but ultimately decided on this picturesque scene of the lake, featuring a kayaker, boats, and a crane, with the goal that we could appeal to a variety of audiences by showing more than just one element of life on Lake Erie.

In addition to sharing the final result, I’ve shared the process that I took to get to the final design, from sketching and black and white concepts to color concepts and final adjustments.

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