Burke Insights Logo & Website


I worked with Burke Insights, a new small business aimed at providing analytics services for other small businesses, to design their logo and website. For the logo, we knew we wanted to the focus to be the company initials and from there is was a matter of incorporating a subtle nod to data, the focus

Lake Erie License Plate Logo


I worked with the Ohio Lake Erie Commission to design a license plate logo to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the commission. The purchase of the plate goes directly towards the Lake Erie Protection and Restoration Fund. Their previous designs were drawings of some of Lake Erie’s most notable lighthouses. Our goal for this new

Empower Counseling Services Logo & Website


I worked with Empower Counseling Services to help them establish their new business by creating their logo. The owner felt connected to the symbol of a phoenix as it represents rebirth. My goal was to incorporate a phoenix into the shape of an ‘E’ for ‘Empower’ and to use colors and typography that were bold

Torchbearers Logo


I worked with the Marketing & Communications committee of Torchbearers, a non-profit focused on developing the young professionals of Akron, to redesign their logo. Our goal with the rebrand was to maintain the essence of the brand, in the colors and the flame, while updating the overall design to modernize it and match the culture

Big Imagination Small Creation Logo

I designed the logo for Big Imagination Small Creation, a local business specializing in structuring activities for small children that encourage them to use their imaginations to create. My goal was to design something playful and colorful that would speak to the creative nature of this business.

SipSavorSoul Logo & Website


I worked with SipSavorSoul, a local catering and culinary instruction company, to rebrand their business. My focus was to simplify the design and use rich colors that remind one of food and wine. The new design incorporates the three S’s of SipSavorSoul in a more figurative way and maintains the heart and soul of the

Eat Speak Love Branding


I designed a collection of logo variations for the up-and-coming Akron night-life business, Eat Speak Love (ESL). Eat Speak Love partners with local food visionaries, artists, public speakers, and small businesses to provide their patrons with a new taste of Akron. My goal was to capture the elegant and modern nature of ESL’s business and

Support Local Akron

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In an effort to help our local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked with my husband, Byron Delpinal to create The site gave Local Akron businesses a platform to showcase all the great products and services they still have to offer so that we could continue to support them in spite of the pandemic.

Peerless Protection Branding

I created a new custom logo complete with brand guidelines for Peerless Protection, a company that produces home cleaning products designed to protect surfaces throughout the household. I chose an earthy color palette along with bold typography and imagery to create a brand that is clean, modern, and eye-catching.

Here in Hilton Head Logo


I was hired to design a new logo for the company, Here in Hilton Head, which offers tourism information and the inside scoop about the best places to visit in the Hilton Head area. I chose a bright, but slightly muted color scheme with simple and clean graphics in order to create a bold and